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Ecological footprint

The common thread running through all our building projects is sustainability. Together with you and your building supervisor we try to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible, while integrating your building project seamlessly into the surrounding building infrastructure. As an allround architecture firm we provide professional advice about energy optimization, passive housing and green building.

Architectuur - PM Architecten - Ludwig Desmet

Your green building: healthy and comfortable

Every green building project starts with optimizing your passive and active energy management. We gladly offer advice for eco-conscious water and waste management, durable materials and emissions control. We also guide you in living healthy and comfortably in your green building:

  • Optimal use of daylight and view
  • Acoustic comfort
  • Monitoring air quality
  • Attention to mobility and accessibility

With Architects Demeestere + Garmyn & Partners’ in-house experts and tools, we guarantee to bring your project to a good E+nd.

Floreal - PM Architecten

Why we care for green building

Sustainable building softens the blow on the environment, reduces your energy bills and may get you subsidies. Architects Demeestere + Garmyn & Partners was the first Belgian architecture firm to sign the FSC agreement. We are member of the Passiefhuis Platform and the VIBE, and we are listed in the GreenBookLive database as an official BREEAM International assessor. Feel free to contact us.