Woonzorgcentrum WZC Hofkouter St-Lievens-Houtem

Zorgsite Ronse

WZC Ter Leen Herzele

Low-energy house

Sustainable low-energy housing


House Renovation, Ronse

House refurbishment, Ronse

Single house, Hooglede

Veterinary practice

House renovation, Ronse

Rebuilding farmhouse

Housing project

Industrial building renovation

House, Roeselare

House renovation, Flobecq

Architect office

Modern architecture in Ronse

Business center, Ronse

Radiology center, Ronse

Art galery, Gent

Recreation Park in Oudenaarde

Stewal offices, Ronse

Bike Shop Jack Sport

Housing cluster

Housing and apartments

Residential Care Project


Infill project with ADL cluster

House Thuyne

Social housing

Villa Ferrant

De Groote Fabrieke

P’tit Cousin

Orangery Apartments

St. Martin Residence

Redevelopment Balmoral

La Peregrina

Bijna-energieneutraal bouwen in Ronse