Redevelopment of former industrial factory “th.V.”, politieke gevangenenstraat – Ronse

7 lofts  /  Offices

The former factory complex TH.V. is known as the oldest industrial building of Ronse (1885). The complex is composed of the Gyseling building and the listed monument of the old textile weaving factory  Theodoor Vandendaele. The building complex is totally renovated and expanded into lofts and offices.

A solid redevelopment plan was absolutely imperative to ensure the long-term preservation of the monument. Continuing the former industrial function of the site was neither possible nor desirable. It was opted to go for a mix of functions, covering housing ansd offices. This naturally good combinable functions tend to balance each other. The new features fit perfectly in the history of the building and the transformations show a truly deep respect to the valuable industrial qualities of the monument.

The main facade has a symmetrical design with classic elements and following the rezoning concept the current exterior of the protected part is fully preserved. The facades of the former Vanden Daele factory are renovated and restored into their original form. Likewise, the facades of the Gyseling factory are partially renovated and optimized. To increase the functionality of the building, the site is partly hollowed, between the two buildings some elements are demolished in order to create a more open space within the site. In this way, the site will provide light and space which supports the sustainable use of the totality. At the rear side of the property there is the King Baudouin Park, and on this side the building is extended with a limited glass volume.

The building is conceived to be fully accessible, for which the significant height difference is optimal integrated into the project. The site is optimalised to ensure an optimal accessibility by car, bike and public transport.

The renovation follows BREEAM’s best practices (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method), one of the most widely used and comprehensive certification methods worldwide. A BREEAM label is on the way. Architects Demeestere + Garmyn & Partners has a license as BREEAM Assessor; and thus their designs are conceived fromout these sustainability guidelines.