Rebuilding and redevelopment industrial building, ronse

7 lofts / Offices

Former textile building “Théodore Vanden Daele” will be reallocating our architect office and 7 spacious lofts.

The former factory TH.V. is known as the oldest industrial building of Ronse (1885), and it is composed of the Ghyseling building and the listed monument of the textile factory  Theodoor Vandendaele.

To ensure the long-term preservation of the site, a solid redevelopment plan was imperative; it was decided to go for a mix of livinbg and working spaces. The necessary renovations and expansions show a truly deep respect to the valuable industrial qualities of the monument.

The monument undergoes an extensive restoration in which the walls are restored to their original form, and the younger part of the building adjacent to the King Baudouin Park is completely rebuilt as a sustainable building with very low E and K-level. At this side the building is extended with a very small and light glass volume, which optimizes the contact with the green area of the park. The reception spaces and parts that are open to the public are located on the groundfloor. By creating an interior patio, light is giving to the spaces and bright spaces are created as a result.

Alternative energies are integrated to create all the modern comfort and usability. Thus we create a project that combines history and future in form, function and construction technology.

The building follows BREEAM’s best practices and is in the last phase of the certification. The sustainability standard BREEAM stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method and is worldwide one of the most used and comprehensive certification methods. Architects Demeestere + Garmyn & Partners itself has a license as BREEAM Assessor and integrates it into the design methodology which lies at the root of sustainable choices and efficient solutions.