7 homes / 2 apartments

The architecture of this project, located in the centre of a rural community, is aimed at the urban development context whilst making the transition between the higher rise buildings in the village centre and the low-lying rearward surroundings. The linearity of the building is inspired by the railway track situated behind it and in doing so perfectly integrates into the setting. We chose to go with a closed architecture whereby a wall is used to hide the parked cars from view, thereby avoiding any kind of visual pressure on the environment. This closed architecture also brings a peaceful transition from Zonnestraat to the railway track situated towards the rear.

The integration of the De Lijn bus shelter instils the design with a sense of uniformity.

The use of materials reflects the transition from the natural setting of the surrounding area towards the rear (timber for the upper facade) towards the higher density of the inner town (roughcast and concrete stone blocks).