13 apartments / Paramedical center

The project is located in the center of Deinze, along the Market, nearby the Kaandelpark. The project represents the transition and at the same time a barrier between the two urban areas and optimizes the historical connection between the tranquil green and the vibrant city life.

The Market is flanked by buildings with very varying architectural expressions. This heterogeneity is also found in the façade of the house of Thuyne, which has a very epoch-characterized style. House Thuyne was founded in the 18th century and was formerly a family house with a backyard and a rather austere rear façade.


The monumental and architecturally valuable historical facade is maintained and thus the historical and societal relation to the city is consolidated. The passage is reserved for vulnerable road users. In this way, the public character of the Market breaks literally through the old façade.

The access to the building and the parking is organized around the inner court, which acts as a hub between the public, semi-public and private zones.

The entrance to the underground garage is designed along the passageway between the Market and the park. It provides 18 underground parking spaces and place for 30 bikes.


The design uses the existing spatial qualities and maximizes them. The ground floor comprises a (para) medical service center with various medical disciplines, serving as social joint of the surrounding urban fabric. This medical environment confers a significant added value to the upper  dwellings.

The project consists of 13 apartments spread over four floors that guarantee a heterogeneous implementation of the residential parts of the project since they can be assembled as desired. Thus forming the differentiated residential volumes a connection with the variety of architectural styles of the Market. All homes are southwest facing with park views. They are high quality and durable buildings, and all are wheelchair accessible.