10 homes

Typical of the urban planning situation of the approach roads to Ronse is the interrupted urban sprawl. This is the result of historical factors, with the construction of villas between the concatenated buildings along the road. These are usually located towards the rear, and in doing so are seen to create a degree of openness in the closed fabric along the road. The project is aimed at this characteristic structure inherent to the town and is seeking to underscore both the linearity of the fabric and its openness. By embedding three larger wholes (semi-detached houses) on a fragmented basis long the road, before reconnecting them, a construction architecture is obtained that is both open and closed. In doing so the own planning identity of the roads in Ronse is synthesised in the project, whilst reinforcing its spatial capacity.

The embedment acts to relieve the street from parked vehicles, with the recessed location greatly raising the viability of the homes.

The roof shape is in reference to typical shed roofs of the many industrial premises the town is home to. This roof shape defines the character of the town.

On the one hand, the project  intends to create a synthesis of the planning and historical framework of its environment and on the other hand offer the area a refreshing impulse. This is accomplished by incorporating the elements in place into the construction of the design (such as linear versus fragmented, roof shape, etc.) and to have them act as a framework that is given a contemporary concretisation.