7 lofts / Offices

The listed monument TH.V is fully renovated and houses 7 spacious apartments and our new office.

The industrial building complex is composed by the Ghyseling building and the textile weaving factory  Theodoor Vandendaele, and is known as the oldest industrial building of Ronse (1885).

The preserving of the former industrial function of the site was neither on the cards, nor was it particularly desirable; it was decided to go for a mix of housing and office functions since they are good combinable functions.

The west side with the historical facade is arranged as housing, as well as the upper floors that are entirely provided as apartments. These magnificent  low-energy apartments have a high comfort feeling thanks to the implementation of the most modern technology combined with a unique location and park sights, and highly quality finishing and luxurious materials.

The concept was developed in the context of lifelong living, and a BREEAM label is on process. The sustainability standard BREEAM stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method and is worldwide one of the most used and comprehensive certification methods. Architects Demeestere + Garmyn & Partners has a license as BREEAM Assessor. This knowledge and best practices are integrated into the design and form the cornerstones for efficient solutions and sustainable choices.

Sustainable building is on the basis of this project, and is accomplished by using extensive insulation and alternative energy production. The life quality is central to the project. The acoustic insulation, light + air and thermal comfort are very important. A minimum environmental impact and a limited maintenance are on the basis of the selection of the materials.

The building is considered to be a fully accessible project, for which the significant height difference is optimal integrated into the project. The site is also perfectly accessible by car, bicycle and public transport. In addition to the existing public parking located alongside the building, extra private parkplaces and bicycle parking are provided.