42 homes / 10 apartments purpose-adapted to suit senior citizens

The design is aimed at preserving the green qualities to the utmost. The existing slow roads are included in the plan as identifiable entities and supplemented with a number of new soft axes. Following on from this, we have opted for a connected and communal green space: a green lung. This extensive green space sets out from the low-lying road, makes contact with the hill flank and pushes in as far as the homes. It acts as a playing field, as a space for rainwater buffering and as an ecological structure. The rainwater buffer is designed as a parallel canal system with infiltration basin.

The road system has been designed in such a way that it scores into the landscape as little as possible. It sooner meanders around and embraces the hill ridge. Cars are allowed to use the road but are not given any kind of priority as a means of transport. The typology of the road is interspersed with other visual elements (square, vegetation, footpath, etc.).

A number of squares link up to the access road. These squares are ‘peaceful oases’ that abut the landscape, constituting the transition from public space to the private housing units.

The design brings architectural unity within the different dwelling types. The housing units are made out of brick combined with thermally modified wooden face cladding panels, the sloping roofs are finished with red roof tiles. Keeping the materials and colours confined keeps the whole project restrained and consistent.